The Netherlands launches to 'conquer' Panama

In recent days a meeting was held organized by the Business Logistics Council (COEL) of Panama and the Embassy of Holland in that Central American country. 22 entrepreneurs from the European nation took part in the search for investment opportunities.


In the framework of the meeting, COEL president Leroy Sheffer pointed out the advantages of doing business in the Central American country as the Panamanian logistics platform moves more than 5% of the total cargo on the planet. He also argued, according to Forbes magazine, that "no other competitor" can match or exceed that capacity. The reference is to the construction of the Nicaragua Canal driven by Chinese capital.


Sheffer also noted that since the expansion of the Panama Canal have recorded "35% more traffic and a 13% increase in cargo volume." Currently, projects for more than 300 million dollars are being developed in the free zones of the isthmus.


From the Dutch side Ambassador Dirk Janssen stressed that "both Panama and Holland are small countries". However, they "represent powers in the maritime sector".


During 2016 20 multinational companies were established in Panama. This year, with the launch of the Cargo Logistics Zone of Tocumen Airport, more companies are expected to arrive.

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