A 12-day dispute between the Trump organization and the new owners of the troubled luxury hotel that carried the American president’s name ended on Monday, March 5 when a court official, accompanied by police and a court order took over ownership of the property on behalf of Orestes Fintiklis.

Security guards of the Trump Organization left the building, modeled on a similar structure in Dubai, and labeled the ‘bent thumb” by some Paitilla residents.

“This was purely a commercial dispute that got out of control,” said Fintiklis.

Fintiklis is a private capital investor located in Miami that sought to get rid of services of the Trump administration and its brand “Today this dispute has been resolved by the authorities and judges of the country.”  He said.

Although he and other owners tried to break ties with the Trump Company last year, the company refused to allow them to take possession.

Subject to litigation and arbitration complaints, the dispute escalated last month, when Fintiklis, arrived with dismissal notices for Trump’s management team but was rejected by Trump security officials.

A legal complaint filed by Fintiklis, said that he and others in his group witnessed Trump team members destroying hotel equipment, something that Trump Company officials have denied, reports La Prensa.

For over a week, the Trump team resisted the efforts of Fintiklis to gain control of key infrastructure, including administrative offices and the hotel security system.

The fight ended calmly when a Panamanian official arrived accompanied by the police to enforce the assumption of control of the hotel by Fintiklis. A representative of the Trump Organization Trump did not respond to a message seeking comment says La Prensa.

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