Retail giant will buy 20 agricultural products and textiles in the region
By José Eusebio Medina
Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, will focus its purchases in Latin America on 20 agricultural products, Latin America’s VP of Purchasing and Procurement Fernando Serpa told Latin Trade on his recent visit to Medellin, Colombia.

“Walmart is looking way beyond monthly or semester sales. That’s why our CEO defined 20 agricultural commodities that we must offer in order to be a more sustainable strategic partner by 2025,”he said. Walmart will make sustainable purchases in Latin America.

What products will be sought in Latin America in the coming years?
Walmart has a very important retail presence in Latin America. We sell in Mexico, Central America, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and in each one of these markets, the products we offer are local.
From the point of view of exports from the region to other markets we have several areas of interest. The most important, undoubtedly, is ​​perishables. We buy tropical products in Central America and Colombia:especially bananas and pineapples. We buy apples, pears and other fruits in the South. As seasonality is different in the United States and South America, when the U.S. apples run out, we buy them in Chile, and so on.

The second most important area for ​​Walmart is textiles and garments. We buy some $400 million worth of clothes from Central America in countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras …

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