Public Works in 2019: $4 billion Investments Projected

The Varela administration’s budget for next year includes $4.032 billion for the City of Health and new polyclinics, Metro Lines 2 and 3, and construction of road works.

The budget presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Panama includes several items for public investment projects, which together amount to just over $4 billion, according to the institution’s budget report. reports that “… Of this figure, most correspond to projects executed by the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), which accounts for about $1.0194 billion of the total. Following the MOP is the Panama Metro, whose requested share for next year is $582.8 million.“

“… The projects coming under the umbrella of the Ministry of the Presidency have a budget of $370.1 million, while for those to be tendered by the Social Security Fund, among which is the City of Health, hospital equipment and construction of new polyclinics, $346.4 million has been requested. The Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning intends to invest some $333.8 million next year between the Urban Renovation of Colón, Techos de Esperanza, the Solidarity Housing Fund and other projects.”

The report adds that for the construction of new hospitals and polyclinics, $320 million has been budgeted.

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